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Appearance: Sen looks like a child with black hair and purple eyes. His Hollow mask remnants location is currently unknown as is his Hollow Hole location. He has 2 Purple dots for eyebrows and under his eyes are also purple.

Personality: It is implied that he is very shy, due to during the Espada meeting he raised his hand shyly. But this could only be due to him being a child.

History: Sen is first mentioned in the chapter 7 Epilogue of The Rebellion as a Vasto Lorde turned Arrancar. He appears in the Espada meeting where Sadow dies, but only in roll call. He raises his hand shyly when announced, being the Quinta Espada.

Abilities: Being a Vasto Lorde, he is implied to have tremendous power. But not enough to exceed Sazumi so he should be classified as a low level Vasto Lorde.

Cero- It is unknown if he can even perform a standard Cero being a child.

Zanpakuto- Not yet Revealed.

Ressurecion Form- Not yet achieved.

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