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Sendo bai Koushudai

Sendo bai Koushudai (lit. Death by Gallows) is a dark zanpakutou. It is owned by Umehouji (literally Plum Bearing). Umehouji is a rouge shingami who was once liuetanant of the 12th Division and Vice-President of the Shingami Research Lab. He has brown hair and purple colored eyes. Sendo bai Koushudai's release command is "Hangu!" (lit. Hang). In Shikai, Sendo bai Koushudai goes from a odachi to a long staff with a metal blade at the end. The handle has a brass knuckle type holder. In Bankai, Sendo bai Koushudai becomes Rei-Koushudai (lit. Ghost Gallows'). In Bankai, Rei-Koushudai becomes a large arm that is gray and has a samurai type shoulder pad. It carries a large blade and has a gallow wrapped around the upperarm.

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