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Senna Inaba
Senna Shinigami
Race Shinigami (Artificial soul)
Birthday January 8
Gender Female
Height 167 cm (5'6")
Weight 52 kg (114 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society, Gotei 13
Occupation 7th Seat of the 12th Division
Head of the Research Offices of the S.R.D.I.
Team 12th Division
Partner Nozomi Kujō
Base of Operations 12th Division Barracks, Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Kagerōza Inaba (Father/Creator)
Nozomi Kujō (Sister)
Shikai Mirokumaru
Bankai None
First Appearance
Storyline N/A
Role-Play Mad God Mixup
Japanese Voice Chiwa Saitō
English Voice Gina K. Bowes

Senna Inaba (因幡 茜雫, Inaba Senna) is the seventh seat of the Twelfth Division, as well as the Head of the Research Offices in the S.R.D.I..


Unlike her sister, Nozomi, Senna bears no resemblance whatsoever to their creator/father, Kagerōza Inaba. She has long purple hair, which she usually keeps tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon given to her by Kagerōza. She also has large amber eyes and is average in height, about the same height as her sister.

Typically, she wears the standard Shinigami shihakushō, with a black hakama, a large red ribbon around her waist, and white tabi.


Like her sister Nozomi, Senna is a very independent woman, who likes to be off on her own. She likes to wander away from the 12th Division barracks and go to high places, which she enjoys, much to Kagerōza's chagrin. Unlike Nozomi, however, Senna is more free-spirited, which often gets her lectured from her older sibling. Unlike other members of the 12th Division, Senna has very little interest in science, which is why she received such a low rank in her division.

Her favorite color, according to herself, is red.


Kageroza creating Gikon

Kagerōza develops Nozomi and Senna.

Like Nozomi, Senna was first conceived while Kagerōza was still the seventh seat of the 12th Division, being part of his research on Mod Souls and Reigai. Senna was actually the second artificial soul to be created with Shinigami powers, thanks to Kagerōza's groundbreaking research. After he was promoted to captain, Kagerōza completed his research and Senna was "born".

Senna's Zanpakutou

Senna attacks the Blanks.

While Kagerōza trained Nozomi, Akon helped Senna develop her Shinigami powers. During this time, they encountered a group of Blanks in the Human World. In the ensuing fight, Senna learns the name of her Zanpakutō and awakens its Shikai, completely destroying the group of Blanks. Afterwards, Kagerōza promoted her to seventh seat of the 12th Division, due to her lack of interest in science, and gave her the position of Head of Research Offices, which allowed her to be involved in the S.R.D.I without directly being involved in experiments.


  • Modified Gigai: Akon developed a special gigai, using a unique technology, for Senna for whenever she traveled to the World of the Living. Whenever she exits her gigai, it disintegrates into a pile of leaves, only to somehow reform whenever she needs it again.

Powers & Abilities

Modified Spiritual Power: As an artificial soul, Senna's spiritual power differs from other Shinigami. Like Kagerōza and her sister, she can completely seal off her spiritual pressure, preventing anything from being able to sense her. She can also stay for prolonged times in the Dangai without being affected by the spacial and temporal changes within it.

Scientist: Though she is certainly not as skilled a scientist as Kagerōza or Nozomi, as a member of the S.R.D.I, Senna is a scientist and has made notable contributions to the division. Her chief studies concern the Blanks.

  • Blank Control: Due to her intimate knowledge of the Blanks, she has learned to control them through unknown means. It uses up a considerable amount of her spiritual energy, so she has to use it sparingly.

Shunpo Practitioner: Senna is at least competent in the usage of Shunpo, being able to keep up with other seated officer-level Shinigami.

Swordsmanship Specialist: Senna is skilled in the usage of her Zanpakutō. Only a short time after manifesting her Shinigami powers, she was able to almost effortlessly eliminate an entire group of Blanks. She is also very skilled in the usage of her Shikai.


Mirokumaru (弥勒丸, Maitreya Circle): In its sealed form, Mirokumaru resembles an ordinary katana. It has a red hilt and a square tsuba.


Mirokumaru in Shikai.

  • Shikai: Her Zanpakutō is released by the command "Call forth the Twilight" (に誘え, Yūyami ni izanae). It takes the form of a Khakkhara when released.
Shikai Special Ability: Mirokumaru has the power to create and control tornadoes. After mastering her Shikai under the watchful eye of Akon, she can use even more power. She can fire intense waves of wind from her palms now and by swinging her Zanpakutō, she can create massive waves a wind, designed to block some attacks and Kidō.
  • Atsugai (圧害, Gale Force): After releasing her Shikai, Senna can use the circular end of her weapon to release a large white blast, that works similar to wind. When used on Blanks, it caused their bodies to be crushed with the immense pressure. She can also compress this blast, shooting a large ball of compressed air and spiritual energy at an opponent, causing an enormous conflagration if it hits.


  • (To herself) "When you're up high, all the stuff that looks confusing and messed up... suddenly becomes crystal clear."

Behind the Scenes

Alternate Universe

Main article: Bleach Timeline (Ten Tails)

Originally, Senna was a movie protagonist from Bleach: Memories of Nobody. In this fanon, however, she is an artificial Shinigami, created by Kagerōza Inaba and the artificial sister of Nozomi Kujō.


  • The technique Atsugai was originally created Raian Getsueikirite's very first Zanpakutō.
  • She is the only of Kagerōza's artificial creations to adopt his surname.

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