Sera Is an arrancar that serves under Shunketsu as his personal Assistant in the Kido Corps, making her one of the few arrancar with an affiliation to Soul Society.

Age ?
Height 5"
Weight None
Gender Female
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Soul Society
Previous Affiliation none
Team Kido Corpse
Occupation Assistant to Shunketsu
Previous Occupation(s) None



Sera appears similar to a young girl, only about five feet tall, with short greenish-blue hair and well-tanned skin. Her red eyes are constantly at attention, watching everyone around her carefully. She wears a white dress with matching leggings and shoes with circular markings, and a teardrop in an oval marking near her neck. She possesses double circle-like tattoos on each of her shoulders, and purple bracelets.


Sera is always calm or attentive, unless around her leader Shunketsu, who she follows faithfully, performing secretarial duties and other jobs for him and members of the Kido Corps, who treat her as one of their own.

Powers and Abilities

Though not seen in any form of combat, Sera has displayed certain qualities and powers.

  • High Spiritual Pressure- as an Arrancar, it is only natural to assume that she possesses above-average spiritual pressure.
  • Hiero- Like all arrancar, she possesses Hiero.
  • High intellect- Sera seems to be fairly intelligent, often Shunketsu relies on her for information.

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