He will be in my fanfic, Bleach, the Blade of Heaven.

Age Unknown
Birthdate Uknown
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Hueco Mundo,Arrancar, Espada
Previous Affiliation exiled Espada
Team Arrancar, Espada
Occupation Octava Espada
Previous Occupation(s) Exiled Espada


He is medium in height and doesn't wear the standard arrancar suit, he also has slightly long and spiky hair. He also has blue lines which is tatooed in his body, and black lines in his left arm. His hollow mask remains are his red visor-like mask which covers his eyes. His hollow hole hidden under his clothes, and a number 0 is tatooed on his left leg. A black katana is in his back.





He is a very capable warrior, and also desires intense fights.

Cero He has a dark violet Cero, he fires his cero on his mask, while when on his true form, he fires it on his horns.

Hierro He has very hard skin, that he blocked a Cero with just his index finger.


Sonido He is very fast and possibly one of the most proficient users of sonido.

Vass Spiritual Level His spiritual energy is felt throughout Hueco Mundo.


His zanpakuto is a black katana placed in his back.


Demonio (demon)

His zanpakuto's command is "Punish". In this form he grows up wings and horns and also has darker features.

Ylidane ressureccion

Special Abilities

Demon's Slash

His blade glows black then he gains exceptional speed, he now slashes his opponent with extreme speed, dealing major damage to him/her.

Demon's Wings

He uses his wings to form blade-like shockwaves, which deals slashing damage to an enemy.

Demon's Glare

He fires a red ray from his visor-like hollow mask which temporarily stuns enemies within his field of vision.

The Demon's Punishment

His last ability allows him to fire various dark rays from different parts of his body, a single ray can kill about 3 lower seated shinigami at once. It could also gravely injure a captain-leavel shinigami, once hit by 3 of these. By estimation he can fire about 25 rays at once. He could use this move repeatedly but has a 1 minute time interval. He could also swing the rays like a whip, but can only maintain this for about 25 seconds. The rays last for 35 seconds.

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