Shén (lit. 神 Spirit) is a member of Ikari and apprentice of Yajuumaru Hitonare

Monk ederon artwork by funeralwind
Age 1000+
Birthdate February 21st
Height 5'9"
Weight 142 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Shinigami, Vizard
Affiliation Ikari
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Team Ikari
Occupation Elite Fighter
Previous Occupation(s) Lieutenant of 11th Division



Shén resembles a traditional Chinese monk. He wears an orange shirt and orange pants. Over his shirt is a beige/green shirt which matches his belt. He has a long black braid for hair and black eyes. He wears a set of beads that go around his right arm.


Loyal and Strong, Shen is Yajuumaru's best man. He is skilled and powerful and is forever loyal to Yajuumaru. He believes that the Gotei is corrupt and wants to defeat the Captain-Commander and take over. He also believes Yajuumaru can help him achieve this.


Hakuda Master- During his time in the Gotei, he was one of the most skilled fighters alive. He uses his fists more than his sword and can easily dispatch a group of Arrancar by himself.

Enhanced Strength- He is stronger than most and can break apart rocks as large as buildings with his fists. He has shown this when moving the Gigantic rock infront of the Ikari's base.

Shunpo Master- Shen can easily use Shunpo to evade enemies in battle and is skilled with swift fighting.

Mastery of Hollow Abilities- He has somehow gained Hollow abilities and mastered his abilities to a great extent.


His Zanpakuto is currently unknown.


  • He is a master of Tai Boxing and multiple other fighting styles.

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