Shayzel Ishtarvanii, is a rouge soul reaper from a distant soul society. in the realm he came from there are six soul societies, he ran away from the soul society "daka". his reasons are unknown. however while he was there he was in the position of high ruler of sector six. (the six societies in the Daka dont have Dvisions, they simply hade seven sectors that functioned as the government.) also while he was there he was betrayed by the ruler of sector three, who had killed many other soul reapers for his experiments. Shayzel took this opprotunity to escape from his post and go into a self exile. in comparasen the sector rulers are weaker than the captains of soul society. he has since stumbled across the human realm soul society, eager to join the ranks he starts towards the society.


Sayzel has long black hair and burning red eyes. his skin is pale but not in a way that is scary to look at. he wears a cloak that closely resimbles a priests' Habbit. also he wears black combat boots, the only skin you can see on him is his face.


shayzel has always been very quiet, not wanting much to do with others and is not very comfortable with making new friends. since arriving at the new soul society he has not made any new friends, when he was in the "daka" realm, he was high in power and trusted people more, but after he was betrayed by Sirax yasun who was the leader of sector three. since then he has not trusted people lightly. but dispite is bad past and lack of trust for people, he is a loyal friend to those who are kind to him, he will protect anyone he conciders close to him.

powers & abilities

not much is known about Shayzels powers in this realm, in "daka" he was a praised leader of sector six. while he was there he trained mostly in the field of shadow step most of his powers are not used, he does not like to use them often.

however most of the powers he does use are stored in his Zanpakutō.


his Zanpakutō is called karkushish(means nothing in any language) this Zanpakutō is unlike any other that Shayzel has seen. Karkushish has no shikai or bankai, instead its only power is to draw the energy out from surrounding life forms and use this energy to restore Shayzels power.

this power is activated as soon as it leaves its sheath, it fuels Shayzels Shadow step so he can use it more than five times.


Shayzel was the previous leader of sector six in his own realm,but since his arival in this realm he his the third seat of Division one

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