Back in the Soul Society signs of an epic battle is taking place can be seen. The battlefiled is littered with debris. Buildings are crumbling and blood soaks the ground. In the center of it all we see three warriors, two are male and one female. The female looks down at her two male opponents in disgust.

"This is the conclusion to your powers captains?" asked Isabella to the tired captains. "Bitch this is nothing just you wait." yelled Tsuyoshi in a defiant tone. Fujin looked at his partner wondering just how much more the two of them could take. "Tsuyoshi don't even think about trying to take this woman on alone. We may have managed to break her left arm but she has cracked our ribs and done severe damage to us" said Fujin with concern. " Since neither of the captains were paying attention neither of them noticed that Isabella had snuck behind them. They turned to see the female warrior behind them preparing to launch a hazel colored Cero.

Too damaged from their battle the two captains couldn't move fast enough to avoid the blast and took it dead on. Debris flew everywhere as a result of the attack. Isabella looked on with cold eyes at the smoking veil her attack created. "Stupid shinigami, stupid human souls. How did my sister ever fall in love with these wretched things?", pondered Isabella to herself. "Hey bitch looking for something?" bellowed a voice from above. Isabella looked up at the building before her to see the two captains standing there unscathed. Isabella's face twitched in anger. "I'm guessing she is wondering how we escaped eh Tsuyoshi" said Fujin with his common smile. Tsuyoshi looked down at Isabella with a grin of his own, "Hey lady don't blast people who can deflect your attacks" he said in a cocky voice which displeased Fujin.

Isabella just stood there with her sword in her hand looking at her opponents in disgust. "You shinigami are full of suprises. While I don't know how you deflected my Cero I really don't care." she said. Isabella took off her veild revealing a tatoo printed on the left side of her face. "I am Cuatra Espada, Isabella Hermosa and daughter of the Espada King. In the name of my father I shall cut you down" proclaimed. The two captains looked on in horror knowing what they were up against now.

Uknown to the fighters the Espada Leader was entering his lab staring at a coffin in the middle of the room. Multiple machines seemed connected to the base of the coffin. The leader smiled and opened up the coffin to reveal the body of Sosuke Aizen.

"At long last Aizen your power is mine" the leader said as he bit the hand of Aizen's corpse. "Ah you're blood is sweet, just as I had imagined" he says with satisfaction.

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