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Shikaku Kouchou is the 6th Seat officer of the 10th Division.


Shikaku is calm, collected and stern. He is level headed and is not below following the rules. He is a by the book guy and enjoys work. He dislikes resting and sleeping and is often ridiculed by Rangiku, the liuetanant of his division for working without sleep.


He wears a white hooded jacket and long white pants. He has a pair of black socks and sandals. He has a bronze shoulder piece that has a band that goes down to his lower arm. He keeps his zanpakuto hidden in his sleeve. He wears his divisions symbol on the bronze shoulder piece.


Master Swordsmanship Specialist- He is extremly skilled at using his Zanpakuto in combat. He is able to wield a natural two handed sword with one hand and is ambidextrouis.

Expert Strategist- He is a master of creating strategies, combat plans, and battle strategies in a short time.

High Intellect- He is extremly smart, having an I.Q. of over 150 (this is a geusstimate as a high I.Q is catergorized as above 120.)

Vast Spiritual Pressure- He has a large amount of Reiatsu, though not as much as Toshiro's or even Rangiku's.

Flash Step Expert- He is somewhat good at Flash Step. His full extent has not been seen but he is pretty fast compared to most Shingami.

Pride- As the result of the S.A.I project, he was implanted with the Aritifical Intellegence, Pride.


His Zanpakuto's name is Hisenshi (lit. Fire Soldier). When sealed, it has a red colored handle, and a x shaped guard. The blade is about 4ft long. The release phrase is "Dageki" (lit. Strike!"). Hisenshi is a Kido/Fire type Zanpakuto

Shikai- In Shikai, Hisenshi becomes a ninjato. The handle is dark red and is wrapped in bandage. The guard is shaped as a cross. In Shikai, Hisenshi can release fire from the blade. The blade can channel any level kido, and amplify it.

Shikai Influence with Pride- As a S.A.I, he can use his A.I to amplify his Zanpakuto. With pride, Hisenshi takes the form of a solider with red armor. The armor is on fire and the it carries a staff with a blade on it.

Bankai- not yet achieved


  • He is influenced by the A.I, Pride.
  • He is one of the few S.A.I
  • Instead of using the abbreviation S.A.I he simply says Sai, meaning Cut.

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