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Name Shimohigure
Translation Frosted Twilight
User Takeshi Tetsuo

Shimohigure is the Zanpakutō and Shadow Blade of Takeshi Tetsuo.


Originally, Shimohigure was two blades, Higuresama and Aisusama. Both swords were blasted in half during a battle. After writing appeared on both blades, Takeshi but the broken edges of each sword together, and without realizing it a manifestation of his soul, creating Shimohigure. His soul's manifestation caused the blade to be a shadow blade and a Zanpakutō.


  • Hishoto: This ability allows Takeshi to shoot blasts of ice energy that freezes on contact, simply by swinging his sword.
  • Hakumeirei: This ability allows Takeshi to stab an opponent and then view the foe's thoughts.
  • Hakumei Soshite Hinankan: This ability creates a partially visible shield of twilight around Takeshi and anyone he chooses. It absorbs any attack, and freezes the opponent if it was a melee attack. The amount of energy used is based on the strength of the attack.



The release command is, "Freeze the Twilight, Shimohigure."


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