Shinsei Byakuhi (lit. Pure White Light) is the Lieutenant of the 4th Division of the Gotei 13.

Shinsei Byakuhi
Age Unknown
Birthdate February 11th
Height 5ft 2in
Weight Ranging from 100-110
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 4th Division
Occupation 4th Division Captain

Hireki Byakuhi, Kusaka Byakuhi


Shinsei, wears a black hakama with jacket with the 4th Division symbol on it. She wears her white hair up in a bun and has sky blue eyes. She carries a Zanpakuto on her waist, usually hidden in her sleeve.


Shinsei is calm and very graceful. She is very compassionate to others, and is pretty powerful. She has a soft spot, even for enemies but will not hesitate if her allies are hurt by an enemy.


Flash Step (Shunpo)- She is skilled at Flash Step.

Medical Specialist- As Lieutenant of the 4th Division she is skilled at healing, and is trained highly in this area.

Sword Expert- As a Lieutenant, she is skilled at fighting with her Zanpakuto.

Vast Spiritual Pressure- As a Lieutenant, she has large amounts of Spirutal Pressure.


Shinsei's Zanpakuto's name is Sakurawakuchin (lit. Cherry Blossom Vaccine). It is a Medical/Kido Type Zanpakuto. The handle is colored red with red bandage. The guard is shaped as a flower. The release phrase is Anraku (lit. Comfort)

Shikai- In Shikai, Sakurawakuchin becomes a tanto with no guard. The handle is fully red and the blade is farely thin. The tanto can emit a pinkish/red Energy that reacts to wounds. It works simpler on small cuts, scrapes, gashes, and scratches. When healing Major wounds, it requires skill, presicion, and patience to heal the wounds (not to mention the amount of Spiritual Pressure it takes to heal things such as broken bones.

Bankai- In Bankai, Sakurawakuchin becomes Nedoko no Sakura (lit. Bed of Cherry Blossoms). It becomes a massive amounts of cherry blossoms that move by thought. Sinsei is skilled at controlling them. By moving them around the body, they heal major wounds with ease. They can act as a shield and if compacted together, can create a glowing katana without the use of Cherry Blossoms. Nedoko no Sakura is a healing variant of Senbonzakura.


  • She is similar to the current 4th Division Canon Captain.
  • Her Zanpakuto, Sakurawakuchin is a variant of Byakuya Kuchiki's Zanpakuto Senbonzakura. Unlike Byakuya's, it is made for healing and defense but has minor fighting abilities.
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