Shiroshuju (lit. White Dwarf) is a small Demon who fights alongside Akaouja. He also joined the Arrancar.

Small Oni
Age 500+
Height 2'4"
Weight 109 lbs.
Gender Undetermined, Physically Male
Species Demon
Affiliation Arrancar
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Unknown
Occupation Hired Help, Spellcaster
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown



A small all white demon with lizard like skin. He has a large head and one horn. He wears glasses with star shaped lenses. He wears a white shall with a purple scar. He carries a altered kenobo, which is like a mace attached to a pole.


He is an exremly evil and dark thing. He is a natural scientist and magician and enjoys testing on subjects. He hates being bothered and always lashes out at Akaouja. He also has a short temper and hates when his heigh is commented upon.


Master Scientist- He is a master scientist and creates many things to aid him and Akaouja in battle. He enjoys creating weapons of war and has large amounts of these stored in warehouses. He is a very skilled and known inventor.

Master Spellcaster- Shiroshuju along with being a master inventor/scientist, he is a master Spellcaster. He uses wierd Demonic spells that are unlisted in any books. They seem to only be known by him and anyone he teaches.

Incredible I.Q- Shiroshuju is extremly smart which is why he can invent amazing things. He understands everything about all species. He is not all knowing but he knows enough to be one of the smartest beings alive.


Matter Distorter- A small compact orb that is blue in color. When pushed down upon and tossed, the area in a 5 m range will automatically distort and collapse leaving nothing but a hole in the ground. DANGER: DO NOT USE CLOSE TO SELF

Zanpakuto Amplifier- A small databoard that connects to the sheat of any Zanpakuto. This allows the user to temporarily unlock their Zanpakuto's abilities, including Shikai and Bankai. The downside however is that the Shikai/Bankai will be incredibly weak and not fully controlled.

Cero Firing Unit- A turret that can be placed on any flat surface that channels Reiatsu and fires it like Cero blasts at a high rate. Beware of overheating

Artifical Zanpakuto- By seperating a small portion of ones Soul, Shiroshuju can form a Zanpakuto that is modeled after the souls initial holder. (I.E. A Zanpakuto of Ichigo or any other Shinigami.) After a while the Zanpakuto will disperce and the part of the Soul will forever be lost.

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