Death's zanpakutou is a ordinary katana . Its blade is made of pure black ore representing his dark soul. Its name is Shisou or Shadow of Death.


Its release command is "Tell them what fear means....................... Shisou!" [1]

Its Shikai state is a Kusarigama with a black blade and black chains

Shikai's Special Ability

Jigoku hi: Shisou fires off a black lightning/fire combined which can be mistaken as a shadow when released. Its main power source is the hatred of Death plus the hatred of the opponent which doubles the damage. Any part of the can release this black energy.

Daitanfuteki hi: When the opponent feels fear towards Death's blade even if its just a little it can be turned into jigoku hi inside the enemy turning him/her into ashes after a few minutes. (It can be prevented if the opponent shows absolutely no sign of fear towards the blade). This ability can only be used twice a day. It cannot also be used if Death is exhausted.


Kuroi Shisou or Dark Shadow of Death. The chains attached into Death's arm and forms 5 blades for each finger of the hand.

Bankai's Special Ability

Jigoku hi enhanced: The power of jigoku hi multiplies 10x more powerful. He can release this energy anywhere he wants.(This attack can also be used for defence now).

Unamed Powerful Attack: He drops a blood from his eyes to the ground. Exactly when the blood falls on the ground an unexpercted attack came from below (its unknown if this attack can be released anywhere like Jigoku hi) . This attacks is very powerful it can turn anyone into ashes. Its very hard to evade this attack. (weakness when evaded it leaves death very immobile)

Daitanfuteki Hi enhanced: This ability is enhanced to not only burn the enemy inside but creating illusions that makes the burning faster. Also it can be used thrice now. Retrieved from ""

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