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Meanwhile, after Sei and Suneku's defection from Reiji Maigo, Ryan gathers the Kinenbuke upon hearing this news.

Ryan was walking down the hallway, slowing picking up foot after foot to keep up his pace. An image to when Sei was first teaching Ryan to utilize his Mask soon appeared to the young Kinenbuke, as another involving the fight with the Espada and Draziv soon appeared as well. "Sei... Has hatred really consumed you...?" he began to mutter. He arrived at a door, that he opened slowly. Suddenly, a gunshot was fired approximently 2 mm away from Ryan's face into the opposite wall, leaving a sweaty comic-faced Ryan speechless. "Oh boy, watch befor' ya' walk'n to da room, befor' i go and dun shoot ya." retorted Chiyo, who put away her peacekeeper. Ryan had a comci nerve shoot up, before he shrugged it off, and sat down. Jessica looked over to see Ryan acting depressed and sat in his lap, in a manner most adults would decide to censor. Jessica seductively poked Ryan, "Come ooon~ What's wrong, Ryan-chan?" she giggled, teasing him as she always does.

However, something was wrong. Ryan did not react, only meerly asking that Jessica get off politely. Jessica narrowed her eyes, and got off, sitting in her previously sat-in seat. Ryan cupped his hand, hiding his frown in the depths of the hands he swore to use to protect those close to him. Ryan then spoke up, "Last night. Seireitou Kawahiru, along with the Order defected from Reiji Maigo. According to reports I recieved from contacts in that region, Seireitou is heading for Area 119 of Reiji Maigo." he began, before being stopped by Matt's hand shooting up. "Yes Matt?" Ryan asked, wanting to hear what he had to ask. Matt then stood up, "Is it because of Senka's and Jae's Death to Sydonay Senseirei?" he asked, using his prior knowledge to come to that point. Ryan then finally gave a smirk, "I expected no less from you Matt, you saw right through it. Yes, I believe so. He appears to be consumed with the desire to kill Sydonay, and..." he began, looking up at Kakashi, who was the Leader, "I ask that the Kinenbuke, as per their duty to being Aligned with the Order, hunt down Seireitou Kawahiru and the Order." requested Ryan. Kakashi sighed, "Request..." he began, as each member looked up, "Accepted." he declared.

Operation Hunt down Seireitou has been approved, what is the next step?! Next time, As the Darkness Gathers!

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