Sokofi-da (literally Bottom Feeder) is a water type Zanpakutou, owned my Mizusawa (lit. Water Swamp). The zanpakutou, when sealed takes the form of an odachi, with a thin blade and light blue handle. The spirit of Sokofi-da is a large shark with a blue mask with two thin slits for eyes. There is a large silver spike coming from the shark's mask.

Command- The Command phrase is "Suuxe kara Goyou" (lit. Sway through the Water).

Shikai- In Shikai, Sokofi-da becomes a katana with a thin blade. There is multiple holes in the blade. The blade is know thicker and has a leather handle.

Bankai- Fuukafi-da (literally Shark Feeder) is the bankai level of Sokofi-da. It becomes a large head clever that has a large purple rope coming down from the handle. The blade is capable of turning into water. The blade also can engulf the wielder and act as a shielf.

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