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This article, Sosei, is property of Kasei.

Sosei is an unseated officer in the eleventh division.


Sosei is a fairly nondescript member of the eleventh division, wearing standard Shinigami garb and carrying a standard-looking zanpakuto. He has black hair and brown eyes.


He is battle-loving and eccentric about fighting. He is also very eager to help those around him. His favorite food is curry and his least favorite is salmon.

Powers and abilities

  • Zanjutsu practitioner-Sosei is moderately skilled with wielding a blade, but nowhere near as experienced as a seated officer or captain.
  • Shunpo practitioner-He can use it in it's base form.
  • Spiritual energy-Sosei has slightly higher spiritual energy than normal, but nothing noticeable, fairly average.


He carries a katana-like blade. Sosei has neither shikai nor bankai.


  • Sosei is often assigned alongside Kido Corps. Captain Shunketsu on missions.

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