Specchio Mondo (Italian lit. Mirror World) is a copy of Hueco Mundo created millions of years ago. It is located beyond Earth, and the Solar System.


A large rough planet covered by rough cracked ground. It has high temperatures that greatly effected the terrain on their planet. There are many shirvled trees that inhabit certain areas. It is also known to have a large underground city, which is where the inhabitants lives. Multiple towers that were built before the great heat lead down into the city. One small part of the planet is colored a light blue. It is called Mente Tomba (Italian lit. Soul Burial). It is thought that the souls of the deceased travel here and achieve peace.


  • Vivo (Italian lit. Living) - The Vivo are the humanoid race that exist in Specchio Mondo. Thousands of years ago, they thrived and inhabited the planet. Oneday, Spiritual Pressure that came from the Soul Society distorted their world and rose the Temperature to over 370 degree's farenheit. They moved under ground, creating a large city known as Novizio. The Vivo can use special powers, similar to a Shingami and wield Zanpakuto.
  • Animale (Italian lit. Animal) - The Animale are a species that live in the heat of Specchio Mondo. There skin was totally changed from the intense heat and they learned to live in it. They eat souls and somtimes manage to reach Novizio.
  • Caduta Mente- (Italian lit. Fallen Soul) - After a Vivo dies, their Soul enters the Mente Tomba. They are judged by the first Speccio Mondo residents and if they are a good spirit they are reborn and if they were a bad spirit they will be sealed away.


  • Anything pertaining to Specchio Mondo is Italian

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