The Spirit Sword (Reiken) is a Quincy artifact passed down through generations of Quincy. Its function is to aid them if the Quincy Final Form is used.


The Spirit sword is basically a thick handle with a solid black stripe. By abosrbing the surronding reishi, a stream of white energy fires from the handle. It can stretch, grow, or pulsate depending on how the reishi is abosorbed. It has also shown to shrink into the size of a long katana.


Reishi Absorption- Standard upon most Quincy artifacts and abilities, the Spirit Sword can absorb large amounts of Reishi to condense into a blade form. If someone is touched by the reishi blade, the area cut will be drained of reishi as well. The downside to this reishi absorption is that overloads happen often and will be useless until fixed.

Wings- By breaking down any absorbed Reishi, the wielder can seperate the blade into two seperate white wings. They have shown to shoot out white thread like prongs that will stab the target, and give an enhanced version of Hirenkyaku.

Reishi Blast- By engulfling any Reishi absorbed, the Quincy will be able to fire condensed blasts of Reishi until it is used up. By absorbing more, the Quincy can effectivly take out small Hollows.

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