A diagram of the spiritual anatomy of humanoid spiritual beings.

Spiritual anatomy refers to the spiritual make up of spirits, including shinigami, hollows, and pluses. It is similar to human anatomy, though is considered far more difficult to master. All humanoid spiritual beings have the same sort of anatomical structure, noted by Hotaru Fujibayashi. The first user of one's anatomy for both medical and combat purposes is Naoki Kawaguchi.


Like with human anatomy, acupuncture (CH: 針灸; zhēnjiŭ; JP: 鍼治療; hari chiryou) comes into play in the medical field. Instead of utilizing acupuncture needles in order to stimulate pressure points, manipulation of one's reiatsu performs that role (similar to the concept of acupressure). Because of this, only those skilled in the use of kidō and other precise arts have a chance of utilizing this aspect of anatomy. Skillful use of acupuncture can ease pain and accelerate the regeneration of wounds. It requires less energy and effort than healing techniques, when utilized proficiently. However, its primary drawback is that the technique takes much longer than healing kido to be effective, making it impractical in large-scale battles.


As useful as it is for medical purposes, some use the anatomy of his or her opponent to take the victim down. Details of the deadly art of seishin-koshijutsu (精神骨指術; art of the spiritual attack against muscles) have been hoarded by its practitioners, due to its advanced and dangerous nature. One skilled in seishin-koshijutsu can weaken an opponent of much greater power by striking the right pressure points, or even kill the superior foe with a well placed blow to the correct region of the body. This technique cannot be used effectively from knowledge of acupuncture.

Notable users

Behind the scenes

  • The concept of the spiritual anatomy was inspired by the taijutsu aspect of ninjutsu, specifically the use of human anatomy to quickly incapacitate or even kill a foe. Spiritual anatomy combines elements from taijutsu and Seishin-teki kyōkō (meaning spiritual refinement). Ninjutsu is also a technique that remains largely unknown to those who are not taught it at a designated ryū (meaning school).

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