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Ryuunaku arrives above Karakura. Seireitou prepares for battle. Will this battle end differently?!

"Ryuu... naku..." Seireitou muttered, looking up at this man. Ryuunaku chuckled, "Well well, Shinigami. It is quite interesting, finding you here." he stated, drawing the thin yet long blade on his back. "However, I am not here for you. I'm here for that girl. Master has some wort on interest in her." Ryuunaku stated, as he flashed towards Seireitou, slamming his weapon into him, making Seireitou collide with his apartment. With a gasp of blood, Ryuunaku grabbed Seireitou and threw him into the streets below. "Hahahahahahaha!!!! What's wrong, Shinigami?!" Ryuunaku yelled out, rushing into the streets below. Seireitou however, stood his ground quickly, "Light of Heaven shine and God of Darkness sneer, Shadow of the Moon blacken and Eye of the Sun awaken, Jiǔjīnsèmáo Zìyóushǒunǎo!" he cried, sending out his Shikon Hisakiten right after. Ryuunaku smirked, sliving through the burst of reiatsu.

Seireitou stared, "What the..." he muttered, as Ryuunaku appeared behind Seireitou, and kicked him straight up into the sky. A bloodied Seireitou looked over his shoulder, seeing Ryuunaku focusing a cero-like attack in his hand. But.... the reiatsu being given off, was strange. Not like that of a Cero. Seireitou widened his eyes, as Ryuunaku roared, "Doru!!!" as a beam of reiatsu from the hand, as the beam crashed into Seireitou. Seireitou, in returned, yelled out "Yúbìnquán!", using a powerful barrier to block this Doru blast. Using that force to jump higher into the air, Seireitou followed up with Maunari, shooting a powerful blue burst into the ground below, crashing into Ryuunaku. However, it seems that Ryuunaku dodged the attack, now behind Seireitou. "Doru!" he yelled, but Seireitou quickly ducked, sending his blade at Ryuunaku. But, Ryuunaku was more clever, and instead, jumped up and changed the direction of his Doru, as the attack crashed into Seireitou. With a cloud of smoke, Seireitou is sent down into the ground. Ryuunaku chuckles, but soon hears the term, "Bankai!" coming from below, as a large burst of reiatsu lights up from the ground. Seireitou stood, wrapped around in a dark purple/violet veil that is on his back. His arms are covered in a thick armor that seems to be pure energy that was compressed and his hair becomes a short blue but with a black tint. His bare chest is showing with a small dark jacket wrapped around him. His sword also becomes a Katana/Rapier mix blade with an unusual curved spike gaurd, with a long hilt and slightly shorter blade. "You're dead." declared Seireitou, with a red faint glow in his eyes.

Seireitou accesses Bankai! Will it be enough to defeat Ryuunaku?!

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