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Seireitou activates Bankai! Does this spell defeat for Ryuunaku?!

Seireitou stares with a cold gaze, "This is... my Bankai." he states, as the screen turns to Ryuunaku. Ryuunaku chuckled, "Bankai? How Lame." he stated. Seireitou sneered. After a protracted battle, during which Seireitou can't land a single blow, he resorts to his "Lavender" Shikon Hisakiten. Seireitou began to focus his reiatsu, "The Lavender Shikon Hisakiten is 'his' technique... If I use it more than twice..." he thought, as he focused his power. Ryuunaku chuckled, "Don't think you can beat me just by powering up." retorted Ryuunaku, as he aimed his blade at Seireitou. Seireitou's eyes widened, "SHIKON HISAKITEN!!" he roared, sending a Lavender Shikon Hisakiten at Ryuunaku with blinding speed. Ryuunaku held the attack back with his blade, and attempted to send it back. However, Seireitou roared as he put more energy into the attack. Ryuunaku's eyes widened, "Impossible...!" he roared, as he was consumed by the ferocity of the blast.

The blast extended past the clouds, as Ryuunaku disappeared from sight. Smoke began to lift into the air, as Seireitou began to pant. "I... did it..." he thought, trying to regain his breath. The girl looked up, and ran over to Seireitou. "You did it!!" she giggled, hugging Seireitou tightly. Her breasts pushign on him, making it hard for him to breathe. "You did it, You did it, You did it!!!" she continued cheering, with Seireitou started to fall unconcious. She stopped, as Seireitou backed away alittle. "Anyways... what's your name anyways and why was-?" he asked. "Her name is Shiori Miyamoto." stated a voice, belonging to Ryuunaku. He was perfectly fine, despite the large gash up his chest. He grinned, "Was that... all you had? Shinigami?" he asked, his grin becomign more manical.

Ryuunaku survived!! With Sei on the verge of collapse, can he survive Round 2?!

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