Storto Pugnale is part of a rouge group of Bounts that have Italian Names.


Storto wears a black jacket with a grey under shirt. On the grey shirt, there is a black skull. He wears a pair of black pants with bandages around each leg. His hair is long and black and he has red eyes.


Storto is very calm, but tends to over react. He keeps anything he does a secret and likes to read old literature. He has a tendancy to quote famous authors.


Flash Step- He is skilled at Flash Step, being able to move at high speeds.

Hand to Hand Combat- He is skilled at fighting with close combat, he is shown to be able to block Zanpakuto with his hands.

Vast Spiritual Pressure- He stores large amounts of Reaitsu, being able to use his doll to its full potential.


Storto's Doll's name is Grande Bianco (Italian for Great White). The Doll is sealed into a glove with a shark head design on it. His doll can control water, and takes the form as a metal shark. Grande Bianco is usually cruel to people and likes to torture his opponents.


  • Storto has an Italian accent

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