Susano Ayaguu is captain of the 5th division.


Ayaguu is short for his age. He appears to be in his late twenties and has blond hair that sticks upwards.


Ayaguu is a ruthless captain, believing that only those who take power by any means necessary are worthy to hold it. When anyone of lower rank makes fun of him for his height, he responds by hitting him with destructive magic.


Ayaguu was adopted into one of the four principal noble families of Sereitei. He gained his position by killing the previous captain.

Power and Abilities

Ayaguu's Zanpakuto is called Raihebi, and its release command is "roar". It takes on the form of a giant, bladed extendable whip. This whip can also coil around Ayaguu, encasing him in an impenetrable jagged sphere. In Bankai form, Raihebi takes on the form of a giant winged snake that can create electricity and control storms.


Susano is named after the Japanese Storm god.

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