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Sutorecchi (lit. Stretch) is the Zanpakuto of Otomori Kokoro it is a Melee-Type

Sealed State

100-7X90 Sutorecchi's sealed state does not look like an ordinary katana. It's made to resemble it's spirit, a dragon. It is especially made, and has been given down through the Kokoro family.


Kuchikukai(SH) When Surotecchi's in shikai form the blade is crystal and blue and and an orange handle. By simply saying "Kill Sutorecchi", the blade stretches out, turning blue and crystal.

Shikai Special Abilities

As an attack, it starts gaining heat inside the crystal blade, burning whatever the blade touches.


Otomori has not achieved Bankai yet.

Bankai Special Ability

None yet.

Zanpakuto Spirit

Sutorecchi's spirit is a great, black dragon. The dragon seems annoyed that it's new master is Otomori, who he sees as an annoying brat. As he has been sent down through generations in the Kokoro family, Otomori is the youngest he has ever been given too. Otomori has a habit of teasing Sutorecchi every moment he can.

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