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Tōsan Getsueikirite
Tosan Getsueikirite
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Getsueikirite Clan
Base of Operations Getsueikirite Clan Compound, Rukongai, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Raian Getsueikirite (Son)
Mashū Getsueikirite (Son)
Tadōshi Getsueikirite (Step father)
Tadoku Getsueikirite (Step brother)
Jacqueline Getsueikirite (Daughter-In-Law)
Hake Getsueikirite (Grandson)
Shikai Unknown
Bankai None
First Appearance

Tōsan Getsueikirite (月影切り手 父さん, Getsueikirite Tōsan) was the previous head of the Getsueikirite Clan. He was the father of Raian and Mashū Getsueikirite.


Tōsan is a tall man with long, wavy, black-brown hair, which he keeps tied in a small ponytail, and ruby-red eyes. He wears the traditional garb of a Shinigami; a shihakushō with the addition of a white strap on his right arm and a pale, orange headband.


Tōsan seemed to have been a loving father to Raian, and caring older brother to Tadoku, his younger brother.[1] His relationship with his parents seems to have been strained by unknown causes.


Tōsan, 1,800 years before the start of the series, became a father to Raian. He attended the annual clan celebration of their ancestor's defeat of Lucifer, where he introduced his younger brother, Tadoku, to his son. Later that evening, the clan was attacked by Kirio Hikifune and her soldiers, and many lost their lives.[1] Tōsan survived the incident, had a second son. Sometime after Mashū's birth, Tōsan died.


  • Kanabō (鉄棒): Tōsan, in addition to his Zanpakutō, carried a large wooden kanabō. When not in use, he would store it in a cloth wrapping on his back.

Powers & Abilities


The name of Tōsan's Zanpakutō is unknown, but it was a long nōdaichi with a purple hilt, butterfly wing-shaped guard, and a purple scabbard. He stored it on his hip.


  • The word "tō-san" (父さん) means "father".


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