Takai Hana is the Leiutenant of the 1st Division in the Mudang 11.


She is fairly tall with long black hair and hazel brown eyes. She also seems to be well-endowed, nearly suffocating Haizo with her breasts after falling on him.


She seems fairly air-headed and prefers lounging then actual work. She often angers Haizo due to his iffatuation with her and her responding by treating him like a kid due to his height (Although they are often seen in questionable positions by Squad mates who happen to walk in at the wrong time.) In battle she is only serious when her comrades are harmed, to which she fights steadily to protect them.


Her past is unknown although Haizo has failed all attempts to convince her to tell him (even getting her drunk.) It is known, however, that she excelled in all of her classes despite her air-headedness although she has hinted at seducing the teachers. She has recently achieved the status of Leiutenant over Division 1.



Her Zanpakuto, Enkou, takes the shape of a Katana with a purple sheathe and handle with purple daimonds connected and hanging from the hilt. It's Release command is "Declare!" to which it becomes a large iron hammer with a spike on one end. She has been shown to be able to destroy entire buildings with it.


Not yet achieved.

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