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Takeshi Tetsuo

Takeshi Tetsuo
Birth Date January 27
Age 14
Height 5' 5"
Blood type A
Gender Male
Family Unknown


Under Construction


He has light brown skin and blackish brown, semi-long hair. He also has brown eyes, and wears dark clothing. He also carries the Zanpakuto, Shimohigure for combat.


Takeshi usually has a bored, quiet, and closed up personality around people. When he is with close friends however, he opens up and is quite cheerful. However, he has a short-temper that causes people who anger him to get punched or kicked. However, he can control this temper when he wants. He is also the kind of person who would die for a friend.

In battle, depending on the stakes, he has different personalities. If the stakes aren't high, he will have his usual bored personality, which usually ticks opponents off. If the stakes are high however, he will become serious, and fight viciously.

However, he hates killing people so he usually just incapacitates enemies and either walks away or captures them.


Takeshi is an expert in swordplay, hand-to-hand combat, shadow, light, and ice ninjutsu. He also has water and wind, but only uses them to make ice mainly. He is very wise, shown when he helps people with emotional problems and predicts an opponent's moves. He is also a skilled healer.

Takeshi is incredibly fast, but can only use his speed in bursts since his stamina isn't the best. Also, he is only moderately strong since he focused mainly on his speed while training so his physical attacks are all about speed and precision. Most fights he is in are short, since he doesn't hace the best stamina.

Since he hates killing, he has excellent control of his power so that he can hold back and prevent the death of foes.

Later on, he discovers his ability to fuse light and shadow into twilight to increase his already formidible power. He also discovers that he has the power to see and heal a persons soul along with the power to entirely shield his mind from mind-readers.


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