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Takuji Clan
Takuji Clan icon
The Noble House of Takuji
Kanji 託児
English The Young Clan
Romaji takuji
Founder(s) Yogensha Takuji
Headquarters Takuji Estate
Leader(s) Kenshin Takuji, Sōdai Takuji, Seigi Takuji
Senior Member(s) Shindō Takuji, Seigi Takuji, Kenshin Takuji
Other Members Mujō Takuji, Reitanmujō Takuji, Kara Takuji
Affiliation Gotei 13, Onmitsukidō Militia, Kidō Corps
Purpose To safeguard the secret techniques of the Clan, To support the three branches of the Military safeguarding the Seireitei's Soul Society, to support the Laws created by the Central 46 Courts

The Takuji Clan (託児族, takuji zoku; Jap Lit Translation, "The Child Clan,") is one of the Five Great Noble Houses within the Soul Society. The current caretaker of the Clan is Kenshin Takuji with official Head of the Clan being Sōdai Takuji, along with their heirs being Makibatori Takuji, Seigi Takuji, and Shindō Takuji. They adopted two members of the Uchiwa, a sister family to the Kurosaki Clan, naming them Akira Takuji and Emiko Takuji.

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