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Tanque is a Primera Ablandir (First Wave) El Elemento (The Element) in Rayanone Michihofo's Arrancar Army. Hardly anything is known about her. Tanque




  • As a Gillian, it was known as the hollow Infanteria. Usually. one intelligence rises up so it can evolve into an Adjuchas. Instead, two minds took control of the Gillian. As an Adjuchas, it still had two personalities. Even as a Vasto Lorde, it had double the normal hollow power. However, when Infanteria became an arrancar, the two hollows in one body split up. The result was Tanque-sama Infanteria and Ichiro-sama Infanteria.
  • So far, she is one of the El Elemento to have not released their Resureccion yet. She shares this with her twin and her leader.
  • El Elementos are technically NOT Espada.
  • Speaking of which, her element is Water.
  • Her theme is "Army". Ichiro's is too.

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