Tarasu Kubiwa (Choker Haging Down) often called Tom, is a Human with amazing Spiritual abilities, similar to Yasutora "Chad" Sado.

Tarasu Kubiwa
The Spirit Cowboy
Age 21
Height 6'5"
Weight 116 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Soul Society, Earth
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Unknown
Occupation Shinigami World Representative
Previous Occupation(s) Ranchers Son
  • Sabaru Kubiwa (Father)
  • Reina Kubiwa (Mother)


Tarasu is a tall young man with short, messy brown hair and golden brown eyes. He wears a black shirt with a white stripe going down the middle, with a long pair of brown pants, frilled along the side. Over this he wears a brown jacket with pointed shoulders and black trimming. He has a red hankerchief around his neck. On his waist, he has two belts one slanted and one straight. In the center is a skull buckle. He sometimes wears a long hat with drooping sides and a skull adornment. He also has a gun holster, that holds his special Spiritual revolver.


Tarasu is quite the strong willed and noble young man. He has a good heart and hates to kill. He only attacks as a means for self defense and often keeps a smile on his face. He has a dark side, revealed upon entering his Modo Enloquecido. He will pprotect those most dear and is willing to help the Shinigami at any cost.


Enhanced Strength- He has shown to be quite strong, often holding back Zanpakuto with his hand or tossing a rock at someone as a way to get attention. He is willing to take a Cero straigth on to show his strength, doing this twice.

Marksmanship- He wields a special Gun that fires spiritual energy, that has been compared to Cero. He has great aim, ripping into a Hollow's mask dead between the eyes. He has a list of abilities for his gun. His gun is called Cazador Principal (lit. Head Hunter).

  • Dólar Salvaje (lit. Wild Buck)- Tarasu will aim down his pistol and fire a thick silver beam into the target. The head of the blast is shaped like an arrow with two protruding horn like appeandages. When impact is made, their will be a burn mark on the targets body, similar to a brand.
  • Cresta de Dragón, Muerte en Un Tiro (lit. Dragon Crest, One Shot Death)- By spinning the derringer of the pistol, Tarasu will quickly press the triger releasing a spray of reiatsu bullets at the target. If all hit, a dragon claw like mark appears where the target was hit. The crest secretes a dangerous toxin that will slowly kill the target.
  • Modo Enloquecido (lit. Crazed Mode)- A Dangerous attack, only mastered when wielding Cazador Principal and its unnamed sibling. He will gain a massive spark in Spiritual Pressure and gain the ability to rapid fire the reiatsu. His aim enhances to that of a Sniper and can perform areial feets beyond human understanding.

Enhanced Speed- Mentioned once, his enhanced speed was not related to Shunpo or Sonido. He just seems to have great speed, catching up to a skilled Shunpo user. It is enhanced in the Modo Enloquecido.

Tarasu in Action

Tarasu in Action


  • His powers are somewhat Hollow like, but seemt to just be great spiritual guidance.
  • It seems that Spiritual Powers run in his family as his grandfather states his powers are growing at an abnormally fast rate.

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