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English Blade Halting
Kanji 停止刃
Technique Statistics
Type Reiatsu, Reiseī
Used By Souls


Teishiha is a common Reiseī technique that is actually the very first technique a user of Reiseī must learn before proceeding. It outlines the basis of all Reiseī based attacks. The user focuses their reiatsu at a particular part of their body to defend against an oncoming attack. It sounds simple, but the trick is to know how much of one's reiatsu to focus. Too little, and the attack goes through. Too much, and the backfire can be catastrophic.


  • Haōdan: (刃横断 lit. Cross Blade or Blade Crossing) This function of Teishiha incorporates stopping the opponent's weapon using the back of both hands, then dashing forward to strike.

Known Users

All Reiseī users must know this attack in order to continue with their training.

Behind the Scenes

This technique comes from the Blade Halting technique shown in Rurouni Kenshin.