Teressa Belle

== appearance ==
Teressa belle

Teressa has crimson red hair and purple eyes. She is 1m70 long and and she weights 45 kg.


Teressa has a destructif temper. Her favorite hobby is butchering shinigami's. She is bad at taking orders and always stuborn. however her bad caracter can she be really kind and carring.


It is not yet known when she will appear in one of the story arcs.


we only know that she knew Pedro De La Luna andDemyx shime.

power and abileties

sonido:she can use sonido.

cero and bala:she is verry good at using bala but her cero is slow (but verry powerfull)

zanjutsu:she is an expert swordswomen

== zanpakto ==
Teressa belle res

name:espina de brujas (thorn witch)

release command:let your vines embrace

attacks: when Teressa release's her sword she can do 3 attacks

            -death blossom: launches a beam stronger then cero to the opponent.
            -hate garden:5 vines with thorns shoot from the ground witch Teressa can move at her will.
            -doom spring: she disappeares in flower petals and teleports to an other location.

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