Tetsushojo w/ Shikai

Tetsushojo is a young orhpan Shingami. He has a unique style of clothing. He customized his uniform to have a black shirt with no sleeves. He wears black pants and a red and black belt.

He has blue eyes and spiky bluish-gray hair. He wears a customized uniform and carries his Zanpakutou across his lower back. He has one spiky tooth that sticks from his lower mouth.


Tsuinshishi (lit.Twin Lion's) is a kido type zanpakutou. it has a yellow handle with a black lace across the handle. The blade is lighter than a normal sword. The command phrase is Dageki (lit.Strike). In Shikai Tsuinshishi becomes two blades. Each blade has a black handle and a silver blade. Each sword has a different element, one fire one earth. The fire blade can create a ball of fire that is powerful enough to hurt a full force bala. The earth blade can create copies of wielder. Tetsushojo has not yet achieved bankai.

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