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This arc is highly important to the plot of Bleach Otrosendero - Yūyake no Sōzōshin. Seireitou is the Admin of this arc and the final decisions are made by him. If you have any concerns please contact him using his talk page.


Ryan has finally arrived! And faces Seireitou down for one final fight to take him down and bring him back to his senses. The final battle between Suneku and Kinenbuke begins!


1. I'm Taking You Back!

Ryan arrives in Hueco Mundo to finish this! Can he match up against his former teacher?!

2. Truth and Lies

Ryan tries to make Sei understand that Uso will never win, but Sei believes he can bring Senka back. The war continues!

3. Release! The Sennami Strikes

Sei and Ryan send off their best attacks, even forcing the Sennami to come into play. Who will win?!

4. Turn the Moon Sideways

Both have Released, as their battle intensifies! Bankai is played, as the battle begins shaking the foundations of Hueco Mundo!

5. Darkness in the Inner Realm

Through the battle, the fight is taken to the inner world, where Hollows duke it out. However, who is this new being within Seireitou?!

6. Realization

A final battle fought, with no victor in the end. Has Seireitou learned the truth?!

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