Arrancar Five Arc

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This arc takes place directly after the Return to Hueco Mundo arc. Ryan returns from his Vizard training to Hueco Mundo. The 10th and 11th squads then engage the powerful Arrancar Five in battle. Is captain Ryan's strength enough or will back-up have to be called?......

The Arrancar Five are listed here.


1. Lose Control

Ryan returns to Hueco Mundo to join his comrades in battle. He cuts lose and shows his full power, but is it enough???

2. Hell's Blind Queen

Akujin hears of Shōsen's death at the hands of the shinigami and sends his Arrancar Five to deal with the threat.

3. In the Pits of Hell

Tuari is preoccupied with her battle, while Kakashi and Hyori venture into the strange rock formation to learn it's secrets.

4. A Meeting in Hell's Throne Room

While Tuari continues to battle Lucia, we now turn our attention to a meeting between Akujin and his top four Arrancar.

5. The Rage...

Tuari has been pushed into a corner by Lucia and has unleashed her bankai. With signs of obvious trouble going on in Hueco Mundo, how will Soul Society react to the gathering fog of war? Note: This is a short chapter.

6. Redemption of Fallen Angels

Tuari is still fighting in Hueco Mundo. Meanwhile, two new shinigami have come to Hueco Mundo in search of several contacts of Captain Ryan's. Who are these people and why are they so important?

7. Unifying the Way: Seireitou Kuchiki trains Ryan Getsueikirite

- Turn Back the Sands of Time Sub-arc (This sub-story is crucial to understanding the story from this point on.)

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