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Bleach Opening Overlap


This arc takes place directly after the Arrancar Five arc. Both Tenth and Eleventh squads have begun their battles with the Arrancar Five and now two more shinigami are making their way with back-up for their comrades. Will Akujin finally be defeated? And what is his purpose for the war against the shinigami?

The Arrancar Five are listed here.

The Espada for this arc are listed here.


1. Blood Rose

Ryan's training has concluded and a new ally has joined his side. But before he can return to Hueco Mundo, to finish what he began, the fight is brought to him.

2. The Bloody Battle Begins

The stage is set. Who will win? Where are the Vizards, is this the end of Soul Society?!

3. Against All Odds

The battles have begun. Now we turn our eyes to the fight between Amatarou and Rascar.

4. The Sexy Savage Strikes Again

Now it is Captain Zukia's turn to fight. With the fight in the favor of the arrancar, can Zukia turn things around for his shinigami comrades?

5. The First Kill is Made

Zukia and Kakugyo have released their swords! How will the battle between the Sexy Savage and his opponent end?

6. Jousting with Hell's Knight

Zukia has made the first kill of the battle, Ryan is racing for the battle and now the Captain-Commander herself is forced to fight a released Rascar!

7. Let's Show Those Who's Faces Are Masked

Even though two of four Arrancar have been killed, the last two have nearly secured their victories. But those who hide their faces with masks have at last appeared!

8. The Brigade Has Arrived

Akujin is free, Seireitou has arrived! What will happen now as this clash of titans gets underway?!

9. The Despair

Akujin has released his zanpakuto! The Arrancar Five have had an anticlimactic defeat! What is now in store for our valiant fighters?!

10. The Intention

Akujin is dominating the battle. Akujin now reveals his intentions for fighting Soul Society as two more join the battle. One from the past and one from everyone's worst nightmare.
BLEACH op00:00


This is the Opening for Part 2

Part II

"It's just another war, just another family torn. My voice will be heard today, it's just another kill. The countdown begins to destroy ourselves"
―Skillet - Hero

11. The Avengers

Akujin's bankai?! Arturo has also appeared! Will the Order of the Vizards and the Gotei 13 enough? Who are the two newcomers heading for Seireitou's fight?!

12. To Fight Evil

Seireitei is in ruins. Matthew proved good enough to defeat Arturo, now all that stands in the way of peace is Akujin. Will the Gotei 13 and the Order be able to defeat him? Or will another hero be called in to save them?

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