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Two figures step up to the Octuplet guardian of the Syndicate's HQ, one dressed in a black suit with a white tie and has blonde hair with green eyes. The other has spiky white hair, blue eyes and glasses, and a white suit with a black tie. The white suited man begins "Well here we are... The Syndicate HQ... I remember when we used to call this place home..." The other responded "Dont start remeniscing on the job, Bara. We're here to get that drug and leave. Got it?" "Yes." "Good. Now let's do this..." They step up to the Octuplet.

The octuplet suddenly opened his eyes, filled with wisdom beyond any years. He stared at them without blinking, waiting.

The white suited man began. "Allow us entry. We are members of Bara Murasaki."

He stood, no sign of blinking or even breaths coming from him. Although he didn't speak, words emitted into the atmosphere. "Your membership was terminated."

"That is a lie, made from corruption inside. I am here to spread the truth. Now let us in."

"Truth is not in my vocabulary, terminated membership is." Said the atmosphere for the octuplet.

"You must allow us entry, if our membership is to be restored and the corruption to be taken out. Unless your corrupt as well?"

"My position has been the same since the beginning of my need, I am the Gatekeeper of the Bara."

"Then surely you can recognize us members when u see us."

He nodded, more anonymous words appearing. "Fine." Suddenly the gates manifested a large spiralling portal. "Your friends in hiding may enter as well, I have already seen this day before it's time and know the outcome."

Strider pushes past him and whistled "Alright you de-balled maggots! Listen up! When we go in there, I dont care if they are raping ur mothers, daughters, or sisters. You STICK TO THE PLAN!"

"You must hurry, it is not you destiny to die before passing the gate, a group of members will arrive behind you in four minutes and twenty-three seconds." Said assumingly by the octuplet.

The white coated man turned. "Good."

"Step through the energy field if you wish to pass."

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