Parvulo drew his sword to begin and flashed in front of Arranhaku, clashing blades with him. The two traded blows for a few moments before realizing it was a stalemate. Both charged their cero and lashed out, both cero canceling each other out. Wind from the explosion could be felt all over the battlefield. Arranhaku was then again on top of his opponent, "You're a little too slow for my tastes." he mocked. Parvulo managed to shove the arrancar off and face him again, "That may be because you're boring." he retorted.

Hide faced off with Rascar, knowing she couldn't win, "If I lose concentration, even for a split second, Akujin will be free." she thought to herself, gritting her teeth. Just then, Amatarou was blade to blade with Rascar and, using brute force alone, forced Rascar backwards, closer to the Seireitei buildings. "Don't even start to think that I'll let you release him that easily. You're a special kind of fool if you do." she said bluntly. Rascar snarled and started to fight her, but to no avail. "You shinigami make me sick. This time, I'll finish the job and crush you without mercy." he snarled slamming his blade into her's.

Kakugyō seemed amused with Zukia's battle strategy. Both combatants were really going all out, and Zukia was fighting like a blood lusting berserker. Zukia brought his full weight down on top of Kakugyo's and forced the arrancar into a Seireitei tower, "You arrancar have done enough, I'm done with you!" he yelled. "So this is the legendary strength of Zukia Tojiro..." thought Kakugyo.

Diabound and Halcon were facing off with Gyoumaru and holding their own, "You were foolish to face two of the top four Espada!" Halcon declared as he ran his blade against Gyoumaru's. Gyoumaru laughed, "Please, you're nowhere near my level of power." Gyoumaru retorted attempting to fight off both Espada at the same time. Unjou continued watching the fight from above. He was the only free soldier not fighting. "Lets see how this ends" he mused as he took a front row seat to the start of one of the bloodiest battles in shinigami history....

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