Akujin was furious, though his face didn't show it. The captains all jerked to face the newcomers. " that?!" Fourth Squad Captain, Shinsei Byakuhi gasped. "No! That's...!" cried out Kyashi Yagami, Squad Three's captain. "Is that, Seireitou Kawahiru?!" Parvulo Rey announced. "How did he get to Soul Society?" The rest of Seireitou's group stood observing the battlefront. "Sure has been a long time since we got any action." Seireitou yawned. "Sure has." Senka Kururugi, one of Seireitou's group members, agreed. "Well, I suppose I should go lend Parvulo a hand." Seireitou sighed flashing off. Parvulo was astonished, "So...have you come here to kill us?" he asked with great fear. "Kill Akujin? Yes. You I could care less about." Seireitou replied. "So, does that mean you are finally on our side Seireitou?" Parvulo questioned. "Not a chance. We are not on your side. We are fighting Akujin, and we are on Ryan's side." he stated quite bluntly. Seireitou dawned his hollow mask and appeared right in front of Arranhaku, and sliced him clean in two.

Using the distraction, Gyoumaru launched himself at Halcón only to have a hollowified Asaka Miyagi and Sakura Hazumi attack and cut him into many pieces as well. With that, Akujin finally took his stance, "Fine, you hollow look alikes and Gotei freaks have to die now." he said somewhat annoyed. Seireitou prepared for an attack, as did both the Order of the Vizards and the Gotei 13. "Fabricate, Konassaiki..." Akujin whispered, causing a hush to fall over the combatants....

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