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Ryuunaku and Hakudoshi have left, and Seireitou decides to allow Shiori to stay with him until morning to go back to the Seireitei. As he sleeps, he returns once more to his inner world.

It was late at night, around 1:56 at night. Shiori was asleep in Seireitou's bed, as he slept in the sofa next to it. He was tossing and turning, as his mind went black. Soon, he awoke, looking up at the great blue sky of his Inner World. He slowly got, "What the... Why... Am I here..." he thought, as soon his world's sky began to rain. Downpouring greatly, his hair became quickly soggy. However, he continued to look up, his hair getting wetter. He closed his eyes, not before hearing that sadistic chuckle. He opened his eyes suddenly, and turned his head, to look into the eyes of Sanagi. Sanagi chuckled, "Well Partner, have you realized it yet?" he asked. Seireitou gave him a straight face, "What?". "Don't you what me, you disgrace. I've explained this too many times. You are evil, you do not belong with them." he chuckled. Seireitou sneered, "You bastard..." he stated. Sanagi sighed, "Must I make you relive it again? The evil you truly are!" he stated, as he flashed forward, his hand going onto Sei's face. Suddenly, disturbing images began to flash in Seireitou's eyes. Him killing all those he loved, doing unspeakable things to them. Cutting them up in cold blood. After moments of torture, Sanagi backed up from Seireitou. Seireitou began to pant, looking down in sheer terror. He knew his breaking point, and that was it. He couldn't take it anymore. Seireitou fell to his knees, as Sanagi grinned sadistically.

"Now do you understand, Kawahiru Seireitou?" asked a strange and indifferent voice from afar. Suddenly, an image of a black-phantomed being appeared next to Sanagi, slowing walking up to Seireitou. "You do not belong with them. You belong with those who follow your instinct. Your desires, to be stronger. The Strongest. You cannot deny who you truly are." stated the dark voice. "You know what to do." this being finished, as it burst into flames, disappearing. Soon, Sanagi melted through the floor, as Seireitou returned to the real world. He opened his eyes, looking at the clock, it stating 6:10. The sun was barely up, but Seireitou knew what he would do. He couldn't deny who he is anymore. As he looked over to Shiori, he walked over to her. "You seem... so similar to someone I know... Why can't I remember..." he mumbled, as he bent over, kissing her cheek. "Well... whoever you may be, this is goodbye. To everyone." he stated, his eyes narrowed, as he left his Gigai, and jumped out the window, jumping into a Garganta.

Seireitou gives in to Sanagi, and can no longer deny his evil drives. With a kiss goodbye, marking his defection, he enters the Garganta. Where is he heading?!

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