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As the two Shinkumyo retreated, Seireitou and Shiori were left in the aftermath, all alone.

Seireitou gritted his teeth, "I'll get those two... And whoever their damned leader is..." he declared in his mind, as he faced Shiori. "Shiori, was it?" he asked, thought he obviously knew that, but was trying to start a conversation to gain information on the events. Shiori nodded, "Yea, but who are you?" she asked, couriously. Seireitou smiled, "My name's Seireitou Kawahiru." he stated, proudly at his family name. Shiori widened her eyes, "Seireitou... Kawahiru...?" she spoke it, as if she recognized that name somewhere. Seireitou stared back, "What is it?"

Meanwhile. Hakuodoshi and Ryuunaku appear at a majestic palace. Both walk up to a throne.

Hakudoshi looked up, "Master Kariduo. I retrieved Ryuunaku as promised." he declared. Ryuunaku scoffed, his eyes looking elsewhere. The one known as Kariudo stared down at Ryuunaku, "Ryuunaku. Did you retrieve the girl?" he asked. Ryuunaku stared angerly at the wall, "With all due respect, Lord Kariudo. Hakudoshi interfered before I could." he stated, to blame Hakudoshi for his failure. Hakudoshi sighed, "My Lord, If I were to allow that battle to continue, with that girl's limited control over her Godly Powers, she would have died before being of any use." he retorted calmly. Kariudo sighed, as he rose from his throne. Next millisecond, he was in front of Ryuunaku. "Defy me again, and there will be consiquences." he stated, his reiatsu causing Ryuunaku to suffocate. "Un... Understood... My Lord." he struggled to say. Kariudo then walked back up to his throne, "The winds of war are blowing, and soon... All of our goals will be acheived." he stated.

The Mysterious Shinkumyo, led by the mysterious Kariudo. What doom does this spell for the Soul Society?! The wheels of fate begin to spin, and the flames of war are beginning to ember.

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