Seireitou and Akujin launch themselves for one another. Akujin's shikai was now in the form of a katana and thus it was easier for him to combat his vizard foe. "Light of Heaven shine and God of Darkness sneer, Shadow of the Moon blacken and Eye of the Sun awaken, Jiǔjīnsèmáo Zìyóushǒunǎo!" Seireitou roared. Seireitou's attack came right for Akujin's skull, however, Akujin's immense speed allowed him to duck under the cut and slice Seireitou across the chest. "Tch!" Seireitou muttered able to dodge the main force of the blow, so that only a shallow cut was made. "Using shikai and your reiatsu to increase power and penetration...well done Akujin." Seireitou sarcastically applauded. Akujin grabbed Seireitou by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into a Seireitei pillar. Seireitou then leaped up and fired an immense Shikon Hisakitan, the resulting blast demolished three Seireitei buildings. When the smoke cleared, however, a giant, feline-like rib cage was around him, protecting him from the energy blast. However, by the time the smoke had cleared Seireitou was upon Akujin, poised for the kill. Akujin pointed at Seireitou with his zanpakuto, causing flames to leap from it's tip at Seireitou. Seireitou was able to narrowly avoid the attacks. "How is this not a bankai?!" Seireitou raged in confusion.

Akujin laughed, "Well I guess it's over. Welcome to death, Seireitou Kawahiru." Just then, Minkai Zokatakei dawned his mask and appeared above Seireitou and Akujin, "Let Earth and Heaven feel Hell's rage, Kunkiri!" he declared, his zanpakuto's new overall appearance is best described as a large zweihandler type (a sort of massive double edged sword about the size of the user) weapon with no hilt, only a black cloth covered a small part that serves as the handle. Seireitou saw his opening and declared bankai. Both rushed at Akujin and made their killing moves but were soon covered with dancing licks of flames. Minkai's mask shattered and he fell to Seireitei's floor where the flames dispersed. "Kumiho!" Seireitou cried out, summoning dozens of flame foxes which all attacked Akujin. Akujin waved his sword in a slicing motion which caused an enormous wave of flames to overcome and destroy the foxes. Seireitou felt shock, and within moments, his mask shattered. "You lack defense, Seireitou." Akujin mused. "This act is at a close." he finished closing in on Seireitou...

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