As the human work and the Shinigami duties became more of a routine, the days became longer and longer. Each time he tok a break and went out of his Gigai to fight a Hollow, he could've sworn that she noticed him or something. It was Thursday and Metaru's shift was over

Metaru walked towards his home in the storage, when he heared a great roar coming from the town center. Right after, he is alarmed of a Hollow in the opposit direction. Without hestitating, he released from his Gigai and jumped over buildings to find the source of the roar, ignoring his orders. The monster was easy to spot, as it was stomping hard into the ground around itself in the middle of the town. Humans screamed and ran away from what they couldn't see. Metaru got a firm grip on his zanpakuto and pointed it at the thing. "Uoyari" A blue, spear-shaped kido was sent from the tip of Metaru's zanpakuto towards the thing. It was a hit. It pierced through the thing's tail and it turned around to face Metaru.


It was a Hollow. It had a white mask, blue-grey body with red markings on it. It had two knuckle-claws on each hand and claws on each leg. It stared at Metaru and roared out. Metaru sighted and jumped at the Hollow, but before he could react more, the Hollow hit him with a punch and sent him flying into a building. The smoke cleared and it dripped blood from his right arm. "Damn! I should've seen that!" He felt a weak numbness in his legs, but stood up.

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