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This arc is a fan fiction occuring prior to the events of the Return From Exile arc . The focal Characters are the exiled Akashi Kuchiki and the remnants of an exploration team sent by soul society; these shingami include Toshio Saito, Yuudai Oshiro, Hanayo Sabashi and her brother Kiyoshi Sabashi.

Author's Note

The events of this arc are a prequel to those found in my other arc. As always I try to honor the spirit of Bleach, by not over powering my characters or using stories as a chance to show off how tough a shinigami I can imagine. Leave comments on my talk page


  1. A New Life in Darkness; A Fresh Face Arrives
  2. Branches and Blades! Two Shinigami Fight to Survive!
  3. Lightning Strikes! Kiyoshi's Attempt
  4. Kiyoshi Rescued! The Card Shark and Card Counter Team Up!
  5. A Clever Scheme: Akashi's Grand Plan.
  6. The Final Attack Blocked? Will the Hollow Fall?
  7. A Meeting at the Throne! The King's Advice 

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