Back on Bone Hill Emidio holds his zanpakuto to the pale moon; its guard is the shape of a cross.


Mateo (lit. Gift from God) appears behind Emidio asking him why he questions God so much.

Emidio stared up at the moon with his zanpakuto in his hand and asked "God tell me why you made Hollows and Shinigami? Why did you make us enemies in a never ending war? Was it because you hate us? Are we being punished? Tell me God....". Just then Emidio turned around to see Mateo. "You always stand up here questioning God you fool" said Mateo coldly. Emidio retaliated and said "It beats going around and destroying shinigami for no reason". "Well whatever your reasons are you need to follow your orders " said Mateo. Mateo picked up one of the skulls and held it up in the moonlight. "To kill or not to kill? That is the question" he said in a thunderous voice. Emidio turned around glaring at Mateo for his awkward performance. "Don't you have somewhere to be right now?" spat Emidio. Mateo simply shrugged his shoulder. "I think I will go morn the loss of our fallen brother Pequeno" said Mateo as he walked away into the Forest of Menos.

Back in the Soul Society the Shinigami of the 5th Division were discussing battle plans in the 5th Division meeting room. Low seated Division members Hachimaru,.

Ursa hobbled into the room on crutches, "If anyone dares make a comment I will crush you" she barked. Hachimaru got out of his seat and aproached Ursa without fear. "Mam you really should be back in the hostpital, your injuries are extensive" he said in a soft voice. Ursa turned towards Hachimaru witha n angry stare but it didn't phaze him. Ryota Sagushi then stood up and approached Ursa and Hachimaru. "Hachimaru she is 3rd Seat and you are 14th Seat you have no right to tell her waht to do' said Ryota in a more commanding voice than normal. Hachimaru just backed off and sat down in his seat. Ursa took her seat and began to speak, "We are at war right now and we need capeable fighters on the frontlines. Anyone up for the job?" she asked. No one replied the other division members just looked away and Midari sat there whispering to another division member. "Thats it!!!" yelled Ursa she smashed the table that was before her. "If you little shits don't volunteer then I will just force you bastards to fight even if I have to..." Ursa stoped mid sentence. Captain Fujin entered the room, "Ursa come with me I need to speak with you". The room fell silent as Ursa marched outside with the captain.

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