Zukia stood before a baffled Kakugyō. The release of his shikai was enough to slightly stun the arrancar. Zukia crouched and prepared for battle, "Dance my puppets." he said before charging in and savagely beating down Kakugyo. "What the hell?!" screeched Kakugyo, "Are those corpses?! What kind of monster are you?!" he bellowed. Zukia winced at the insult but still stood firm, "I cannot redeem my past." he replied as he and his dolls launched after the arrancar, slamming into him with their blades. Kakugyo lifted himself to his feet after the assault was over, blood dripping from his face. He clutched his zanpakuto and brought it above his head. "Spear, Tierralanza." he declared, an explosion ripping through the sky, demolishing the tower they were fighting on. Out of the smoke came a bright orange color light. Zukia braced himself and Kakugyo shouted, "Cero Meteoro" A large bright ball of energy came blasting through the smoke directly at Zukia.

From below where he was trapped, Akujin observed the fights as they unfolded, "Not too much of a surprise. Kakugyo is too much of a hot head, however, Zukia is in for it if he underestimates my arrancar army." the evil shinigami snickered as he continued to watch the battles.

The smoke from an explosion settled throughout the Seireitei. Zukia had defended the best way he knew how, but the giant cero had taken it's toll on the captain. "Bankai...." Zukia whispered as he stabbed his blade into his heart. Kakugyo laughed, "Now I'll kill ya!" he bellowed, charging at Zukia. From Zukia's mouth came an almost heavenly voice as he said, "Tsugi no Mai, Hakuren!" Ice fired from the tip of his blade catching the arrancar where he was.

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