Before the events conserning Aizen's betrayal, before the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, there was an evil stirring within Seireitei, unnoticed by the public. A shinigami awakened the whole world of Shinigami by shock in his illegal researches, was taken in and was locked inside the Maggot's Nest, or so they thought. And so the story starts in Seireitei hill wherein a young shinigami is found sitting on the grassy part and in deep though when an uproaring voice heard all over Seireitei, somehow familiar but was long enough not heard.

"Attention !!", it repeated several times. "All Captains are to report in the Captain-Commander's Barracks, please come immidiately", it said again.

"Umm", the young shinigami said.

"It's been a long time since he has called a meeting", he said to himself.

Out from nowhere a shinigami with a bad posture appeared from nowhere, he was wearing a captain's haori and has a long yellow hair.

"Sousuke, what are ya doin' here", he said.

"Nothing important Captain", the man named Sousuke answered cooly almost spooky.

"Man, your a weird one Sousuke, almost scary", his captain said.

"Not quite captain", he answered.

"Not quite ?, and what kind of answer is that?", his captain replied.

"Um, Captain, I think you should go now", Aizen changed their topic.

"Aw, youre always good in changing topics, Aizen", his captain said changing his voice a bit. "But nontheless, you are right and I should be goin' now", he said now his voice being cheerful.

"I guess your right, Captain", Aizen plainly answered.

"Ah, now I should leave, take care Sousuke", with that his Captain left.

"Take care, Captain Hirako, take care", Aizen said in his cool-spooky voice and walked away form the hill towards the forest.

"You're a scary one, Aizen Sousuke, I hope I made the right decision to make you my Vice-Captain", the 5th Squad Captain Shinji Hirako said in his mind while getting into the gates of the barracks.

On the other hand, back in the woods, Aizen was seen walking ...


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