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The Titans are the Bleach: Te Watashimasu equivalent to the Espada. The Titans are the top ranked Arrancar, and the most powerful out of the known Arrancar. Recruited by Bane after making an unknown deal, The Titans main objective seems to be to destroy Soul Society, but all goals are pure speculation.


The Titans are made up of ten Arrancar. Unlike Sosuke Aizen's army, all of The Titans are Vasto Lorde. It is unknown how they became Arrancar with the Hogyoku destroyed after Aizen's defeat. Some of The Titans also have Fraccion.

The Titans seem to all have two releases, the first being a Kido-type release, with an effect on the opponent and without them releasing their Hollow form and their full power, and the second being a full power release. The two releases have the same command, and are dependent on the user deciding which he wants to release at the time.

They also have their own unique Cero, ranging from Level 11 to Level 0, 0 being the strongest. None of these cero have been shown yet.

Current Titans

1: Not yet revealed

2: Not yet revealed

3: Not yet revealed

4: Not yet revealed

5: Not yet revealed

6: Not yet revealed

7: Not yet revealed

8: Orpheus
9: Not yet revealed

10: Not yet revealed

Powers and Abilities

  • Cero: The Titans can use Cero common to most other Hollow. The Cero are a different color for each user.
  • Leveled Cero: Leveled Cero are a unique ability to The Titans. Leveled Cero begin at Level 11, the weakest and end at Level 0, the strongest.
  • Bala: Although not shown yet, it can be assumed that they are able to use Bala.
  • Hierro: Not shown yet either, Hierro can also be assumed as it is a common Arrancar ability.
  • Sonido: First used by Orpheus during his fight with Moses Godel. The other Titans presumably have the ability.


  • Orpheus is the only Titan that has been revealed so far.
  • Orpheus is also the only Titan that has used their Kido-release.
  • Moses Godel is the only protagonist to meet a Titan so far.

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