Seireitei many, many years ago, was just starting to develop, even the Gotei 13 was just starting up, the Commander Captain of that time was Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto called for a Captain's meeting when suddenly inside the Barracks, a large wave of light emerged from the sky, and in a matter of seconds it was gone.

Byakko Kirisake

Byakko looking dismayed at the sight of the Shinigami attacking him

Inside the undamaged barracks a man calmly asked himself , "What the hell just happened?", it was Byakko Kirisake Captain of the First Division from many years in the future said looking confused on what happened, examined the whole area, his face changed as he looked around the room, " Where am I?", he wondered. Just outside the Barracks shinigami are pouring inside to see what happened," To the main hall, quick !", a shinigami said as they ran towards the room where the Captains held their meeting, as they open the door, they were surprised to see a strange man playing Shogi with a scared shinigami. "Finally, backup!!", the scared shinigami gladly yelled forgetting that Byakko Kirisake was just in front of him. "Backup, what are you talking about?", Byakko Kirisake asked but was disregarded. "You, what have you done to the Captains, and why the hell are you wearing the Captain-Commander's haori?!?", the leader of the backup squad said. "What are you talking about? Is this some kind of a joke", the Captain said in a much serious tone. "We are the only ones that shall ask and you will answer us, who the hell are you !!", the shinigami disrespectfully said. " Alright I am beginning to get angry here, don't you know who are you talking to and how dare you speak to me that way, I shall never forgive you bastards !!", the Captain said angrily, his eyes were scary, he threw away his haori as he emited a colorful glowing Reiatsu which made the other shinigami inside the room sweat in fear they tried to move but they can't, then the Captain said in a very serious voice, "Don't mess with me", while he charged to the back up shinigami.

While somewhere in Hueco Mundo....

"What the -, where the heck am I ?", a Shinigami wearing a Captain haori said, on the back it the number 8 was written. " Ho, what do we have here, a live prey eh?", a deep voice came from the shadows. "Who the hell are you", the Shinigami said as if he did not care. "Die!!", it said as it emerged from the shadows, it was a humanoid hollow with four arms. "Nope, wrong answer!", the Shinigami said with a huge grin on his face as the hollow charged to him. " So you dared to fight the prince eh?", he said again showing a wider grin.

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