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It was a rocky place, covered by the dark clouded skies and shadowed by the active volcanoes constantly pushing out more lava. Or, to be accurate, it wasn't a place at all - it was the inner world of Maryu Tsuki. On a rocky cliff a menacing being was sitting, watching over the rocky landscape. The being was smiling with a mouth full of fangs. Unlike one could think, it was not Maryu's Zanpakutō spirit; it was not Kyūbimaru. It was instead the being known as Hollow Maryu. But that name itself was soon to be revealed to be inaccurate... terribly inaccurate...

The said Maryu Tsuki himself was currently resting in his room in the Tsuki family manor. For the entire day Maryu had been untypically restless. He felt as if there would be a sea inside him and a storm would have been approaching. A really big storm. He placed his hand on his chest. Then, the worst possible happened.

A hand covered in white bursted out from Maryu's chest, mortally injuring him in the process. Maryu's eyes just had enough time to widen before he fell to unconciousness, and the rest of the monster erupted from his chest, creating a large pool of blood under Maryu's body. "You let your guard down... Maryu", said the monstrous being now completely outside the body of his now - as it seemed - former host. The creature had a black skin, nine tails with mouths at the end of each and a white mask on its face. The feral look of it was increased by the spikes in its skin and its sharp claws. In its hand it wielded a white Zanpakutō with nine blades - the exact opposite of Maryu's Zanpakutō. The beast looked at Maryu for the last time. "Too bad he had to go down. It would have been nicer if he would have been awake to witness the destruction of everything he cares about." With that said, the monster concentrated a ball of black energy on the palm of his hand and blasted it through the roof, violently creating a new exit for the manor. After this the beast jumped out of the hole he had created.

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